Private collection, Taupo.

The bookwork opens to form an arch that references the transition from life to death. 
Rubber-stamped onto the panels are the names of the five Greek mythical rivers: Styx - the most feared and dreaded river; Acheron - the icy waterfall, the river of tears; Cocytus - the river of sound, wailing; Phlegethon - the pyre, the river of fire; Lethe - the river of oblivion.

Creating sculpture often begins with a sense of loss. At the completion of a work the artist once again experiences the loss of letting go, often only retaining a photographic record of the piece. There is nothing in nature that can replace that loss except the creative spirit. 
Commissioned works must allow an artist freedom to experiment, to play and to explore new materials so that every new work adds to the growth of the artist. I believe that sculpture must have something to say. 

Dimensions: Height 800mm x Width 1300mm x Depth 280mm (when folded).

Materials: Salvaged rimu, leather hinges, honey, ash, acrylic paint, gold leaf and rubber-stamped text. 

Private collection, Taupo.