Stem alludes to magnified cross-sections through plant stems. 
Two specific events contributed to this work. Initially I had been viewing computer-generated images of a cell being attacked by the AIDs virus. The shapes were similar to intriguing reflections from a neighbour’s pool that ripple on our kitchen ceiling. Although my main objective in making Stem was to warn my teenage children about the virus, I wanted to somehow combine works that lightly connected to water. 
Initially I made huge paper drawings. Before cutting new shapes I make paper patterns, like dressmaking patterns, and then scribe one section onto the next as I cut the pieces. The work was assembled from twelve macrocarpa segments and became the first work of the 'Passage' series.

Stem was made during a short-term residency at Taradale Polytechnic, Hawke's Bay.

Dimensions: Diameter 1200mm x Depth 30mm.

Materials: Macrocarpa, acrylic and oil based pigments and copper wire.

Passage Series: Private collection, Auckland.