Searching for the Secret


Private Collection. Auckland.

The work alludes to the ancient Babylonian myth of the hero Gilamesh entering the cedar forest that was rumoured to be guarded by a serpent, in search of the tree of life. The forest represented the unknown and the quest was to find oneself. The title came from 'The Light of Asia', a beautifully detailed Buddhist book, bought at a second-hand sale. 
I discovered the text completely overwritten with theological Christian text in minute handwriting. With an interest in comparative religions, and in order to read the overlaid handwriting, I enlarged the pages and began my personal search for secrets among the conflicting dialogue.

Dimensions: Overall Height 2200mm, Three components - 750mm, 550mm and 350mm High. Depth 150mm.

Materials: Salvaged carved cedar, sandblasted and burnt, acrylic paint and beeswax.