Raupo Rattler


Brick Bay Sculpture Park, Matakana, North Auckland. 

The percussive bridge crosses a raupo swamp at Brick Bay Farm, North Auckland, as a celebration of the wetland. Walking on the bridge is fun and can't be done quietly.

The sinuous, sixteen metre bridge has narrow saligna decking planks off-set from a central pivot, so that the planks always lie askew. The rods, supported by copper sleeves are inset into the bridge planks rock as they are stepped on; tilting the rods connected to each plank, and shaking the percussion rattles placed near the rod tips.

The hollow, aluminium, raupo-shaped rattlers are echo chambers, fitted with small percussive elements, stainless steel cables, sinkers, bath chain, beads and cut-off teaspoons, connected so that they clap together. 

The colour of the rods were chosen to enhance the subtle colouring of the surrounding swamp plants. The volume of sound increases and the colour of the rods intensifies towards the centre of the bridge. 

Dimensions: Bridge Length 18000mm, tapering rods 2500mm high.

Materials: Wood (siligna) and brass, fibreglass rods, copper tube, aluminium, glass, bone and stainless steel components.