Colony Series: Private Collection. 

Pool was the first work of the Colony Series, this work has been destroyed. The formation and loss of endangered coral reefs and Pacific micro-organisms is the theme of this series of works. I referenced coral reef formation by constantly repeating the form of a single cell. The central opening of Pool alludes to the volcanic origin and eventual formation of Pacific atolls, where colonies of micro organisms co-exist in the marine biosphere and help to protect other life forms on the atoll.

Pool grew slowly. I made the three-metre diameter sculpture initially in twenty-four separate sections. I then joined the pieces to form two half-sections in my basement studio, before moving the work to the gallery exhibition space, where I was eventually able to complete the assembly of the work. 

Dimensions: Diameter 3000mm.

Materials: Macrocarpa ,ash, acrylic and oil based stains and beeswax.