Piha Limpet


Piha Beach, Auckland. 

Aotearoa, New Zealand is surrounded by the sea. As the practice of Limpets is to venture away and return to their individual place in the rock-pool, this work evokes a sense of New Zealanders' urge to travel, but who long for home, for a rock to return to, that is part of our cultural identity. 

The three works, Fern, Leaf and Limpet continue themes that have been pivotal to my work for the past 20 years. The delicate balance between ecology and survival, sustainability and progress. 
By magnifying and abstracting the natural scale of life- forms, the sculptures draw attention to the fragility and vulnerability of the environment.

Fern, Limpet and Leaf are each an edition of four.

Dimensions: Length 2000 x Width 900 x Depth 400mm.

Materials: Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel, hand finished and electropolished.

Image: Sally Tagg.