Piha Fern


Piha Beach, Auckland. 

Recognized as the New Zealand national symbol (Cyathea Dealbata), the frond of the ponga fern explores a complexity of associations rich in tradition. A symbol of peace and regeneration, the iconic fern frond is also a symbol of welcome. It is an ancient heraldic emblem of fecundity and loyalty. Mythology connects the fern with the passing on of knowledge between generations. 
'As the fronds of the tree fern drop away, young leaves take their place'.

Fern, with two companion works, Limpet and Leaf were created for the Tourism New Zealand exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show, London.

Dimensions: Fern: Height 2200mm x Width 800mm x Depth 200mm.

Materials: 2mm Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, hand finished and electropolished.

Image: Sally Tagg.