Oioi Bridge


Site-specific commission for Connells Bay Centre for Sculpture, Waiheke Island, Auckland.

The subtle, fractured appearance of the wetland grass, Oioi, inspired this bridge. 

To create a false perspective over its length, the bridge tapers, almost double width at the approach.

The striped rods have been sandblasted, rolled to a uniform radius and increase in height at both ends, accentuating the arc of the span. Each rod was wrapped during sand blasting to develop the stripped appearance of stripes.

Silver sixpences and five cent coins, bearing Tui and Tuatara, were connected with fine stainless steel cables to anchor the curved rods, and allow some rattle.

The coins allude to 'bridging' finance and refer to debate at the time about the usefulness of the five cent coin.

Dimensions: Length 7000mmmx Height tapering from 1200mm to 600mm.

Materials: Aluminium and silver coins;