Collection of the Artist.

The work includes lines from the poem Narcissus, by Garcia Lorca, layered onto oval pool shapes that were cut from corresponding plywood 'pages'. As the pages are turned the shapes evolve from a single pool to multiple pools that eventually suggest a skeletal rib cage. The work explores the understanding of self, knowledge and death. 
On the reverse sides of the pages, the rumour of Lorcas death and murder is whispered, introduced with extracts from his other poems, and is eventually confirmed when the viewer reaches the final reflection.  
I perfumed the work with rose and sandalwood oils to reference Lorcas life and death.

Dimensions: Length 500mm x Width 400mm x Depth 60mm.

Materials: Salvaged rimu, gold leaf, plywood, copper sheet, manila fibre hinges, mirrors, mylar, collaged, omni-chrom and photocopied prints, acrylic paint, rose and sandalwood oil.