Little Ruru

Maori Name: Ruru

English Name: Morepork, Little Owl

Scientific Name: Ninox Novaeseelandiae.

The Owl is a symbol of perception, observation and wisdom. It has featured significantly in mythology throughout history, and is associated with fertility and regeneration.

In Ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of knowledge and good fortune. In Celtic, Egyptian, Native American and Hindu cultures, Owls were revered as guardians of the underworld.

In prehistoric cave paintings, the owl was one of the few birds represented. They are among the oldest vertebrate animal species in existence, with fossils dating back 60 million years.

The Ruru is important in Maori Mythology. Tekoteko, the carved figures at marae entrances, have eyes modelled on the Ruru, and the wide eyed Haka stare imitates Ruru’s challenge.

Materials: 1.5mm 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Height 200mm x Width 360mm x Depth 130mm

Edition limited to 25.