Limpet Shrine


Colony Series.
Limpet Shrine exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney. 1998.

Collection of Singapore Tourism Bureau, Singapore. 1999.

By enhancing the scale of minute shellfish and other life forms I am attempting to draw attention to their importance, to the way the sea is constantly under threat of depletion of its life forms.

When the work was selected for inclusion in the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition on the Tamarama Walkway in Bondi, I felt the location chosen for its placement was too remote from the sea. However, overnight a storm brought huge waves crashing into nearby rockpools and over the work. I held my breath but the sea water drained through the holes and the limpet clung fast to its rock. The bronze developed a beautiful patina. 
The work won the Jane Campion Memory Award for Site-Specific Sculpture.

Dimensions: Length 3000mm x Width 1500mm x Depth 550mm.

Materials: Macrocarpa, cast and beaten bronze, acrylic and oil based stains, beeswax and dammar resin.