Kingsteelii Uropetala


Environmental concerns are a primary focus of my sculptural practice. 

While celebrating the infinite complexity of nature, Dragonflies draw attention to the fragility of our environment and the crisis that face world waterways. Industrial pollution and human neglect erode our ecosystems.

The environment of the Dragonfly, like our own is dependant on the preservation of wetlands, lakes and waterway. The larva live in mud at the margins of streams and lakes, and take five to six years to reach maturity.

The artwork, Kingsteelii Uropetala combines my name with a dragonfly's. Uropetala Selys, are native to New Zealand, and have a wing span of around 100mm.

Dimensions: Wingspan 400mm or 600mm

Materials: 1.5mm 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Laser cut and hand-finished.

Editions limited to 50.