Commissioned: For Hamilton Girls High School, Hamilton.

Horace Moore-Jones was the Grandfather of Ange Paykel, Arts Patron, who initiated and commissioned the sculpture for Hamilton Girls High School.

The sculpture commemorates Horace Moore-Jones, a War Artist from the First World War and Art teacher at Hamilton High School 1918-1922. Horace Moore-Jones died saving fellow guests in a Hamilton hotel fire in 1922. 

The Sculpture commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the First World War. The disc surfaces were laser cut with a pattern of organically shaped 'stone' holes, to create a skeletal grid surface. The holes make reference to the arid and harsh landscapes of Gallipoli, to the craters of the Western Front Battlefields and allude to chaos, destruction and human loss of the Great War.

The perforated form of the sculpture has evolved from my interest in the microsphere, and the electron microscope inspired, series of diatom sculptures, ‘Antarctic Heart’ that I created following my visit to Antarctica. 

Dimensions: Diameter 2200mm x Width 450mm (at central drum) tapering to the outer edge.

Materials: 3mm Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. Electropolished.