Scientific Name: Amphisalta Zealandica

Maori Name: Kihikihi wawa, matua kihikihi, ngengeti.

Cicada song heralds the arrival of summer and is a celebration of seasonal change and regeneration. Throughout history, the cicada has provided a rich metaphor, symbolising resurrection, immortality and transformation.

Images of engraved cicadas have been found in archaeological sites of Minoan Crete. Plato referenced the cicada chorus in the Phaedrus; 'They settle down amidst sacred figurines and the summer music of cicadas.'
In Greek they are called Tzitzikia, and are known for their distinctive tzi-tzi noise.

In Maori, the cicada is called Tātarakihi or Kihikihi. Kihikihi-wawā refers to the sound the insects make. Wawā meaning a loud roar or rumble. While only the male cicada sings, cicadas make the loudest sound in the insect world.

Dimensions: Length 280mm x Height 160mm x Width 190mm 

Materials: 1.5mm 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. laser cut and hand-finished,

Edition limited to 50.

Image: Brick Bay Sculpture Trail.