Air, Water and Earth


Passage Series.

Three artworks: Water, Air, Earth were created during the Eco Art Symposium, Corbans Estate Henderson.

Phantom Canoe
Phantom Canoe alludes to an empty seed pod, transported by water and discarded on the shore after arrival in Aotearoa. For both Maori and European, the gateway to the land has been the shore. All our ancestral history began this way. The vessel embodies the metaphysical concept of leaving behind what is no longer necessary. Private collection, Auckland.

Dimensions: Length 3200mm x Width 550mm x Depth 400mm.

Materials: Macrocarpa, acrylic stains, beeswax and dammar resin.

Tir na N'og
During the making of Phantom Canoe, each negative wood section was retained for Tir na n'Og. Like Stem and Heartwood, they were connected with screw eyes and Stockholm tarred rope so that, when floated, the three-metre work gently rolls and sways. Private collection, Auckland.

Dimensions: Length 2800mm x Width 700mm x Depth 40mm.

Materials: Macrocarpa and Stockholm tarred rope, screw eyes and acrylic stains. 

Crop, a third and temporary work of river stones, cress seeds and sacking completed the group, and referenced food crops’ seed brought by each new wave of migrants. The three metre-long vessel shape echoed the shadow of the other works, with cress seeds planted between river stones on a sacking base. 

Dimensions: Length 3000mm x Width 6000mm x Depth 90mm.